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Flapjack Fundraiser :: Terms & Conditions

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Please carefully review the following terms:

• All organizations will be charged sales tax, unless they can provide valid tax exemption documentation. Also, for every ticket redeemed on the day of the event, $4 will be given back to Applebee's.

• The reservation you make on is invalid until you provide the required non-refundable $100 deposit to the Applebee's manager within 5 days of your initial reservation. The manager will then approve your date and you will receive an email that reads "[NAME], Your [EVENT DATE] Applebee's Flapjack request has been accepted."

Responsibility of Applebee’s:
• Provide facility (location), kitchen and management staff.
• Provide plates, silverware and glasses.
• Order food/ingredients and prepare food.
• Make the event turn-key for organizations by supplying tickets and flyers for groups to copy and advertise.

Responsibility of Organization:
• Advertise and promote the event utilizing tickets and flyer provided by Applebee’s.
• Provide volunteers to greet, seat, serve and clean up.
• Print and sell tickets (recommended selling price is $10 - 12 per ticket)

Applebee's has the right to deny any Flapjack Fundraisers. Should your organization not meet one of our approved categories your request to host a Flapjack Fundraiser may be denied.
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